We have a very simple purpose statement…  
"Made by Him, made for Him and will return to Him".  
This statement is the simple framework for our ministry.

Made by God
We are a church that values evangelism that leads to salvation and baptism. We will declare that all people are made in the image and likeness of God which is at war with the message that humans are simply animals with animalistic desires. Sin has blinded us to our true nature which is the imago dei (image of God in each of us). Only when we are buried with Christ, putting to death the blinding affect of sin, and raised with Christ to our new, true nature in him, are we saved and set free to live life to the full. We are his and he wants us back.

Made for God
We are a church that values discipleship that leads to our deepest joy in life. God is the architect and designer of the universe and has decreed that it would operate according to his plan and his will. When we seek to live in a manner that is in agreement with the way that God has designed us, we find that we are seeking our own joy, purpose and peace and his glory simultaneously.

We will return to God
Our pleasure in the Christian walk is the daily, even hourly return of our hearts, minds and emotions to the irresistible draw of Jesus. We seek ways to return to the Lord in prayer, in service, in community and in the giving of all that we have to him for our fullest joy and his highest glory.  We also believe that every person that has ever been created will return to their maker, Jesus. Some to share in the rewards that Christ has won for us, others to a just, and final judgement. The fullness of this purpose is best expressed and can only be fully achieved when done in community.

We are a church centered on the Gospel in the center of the city, that spreads a passion for Jesus and a love for people.

We intend to be one of the catalysts for revival in Anchorage, Alaska by winning the lost and making disciples.

We will use all means necessary to communicate the life changing message of Jesus to our city without compromising the Gospel. We strategically chose to be in a high foot traffic, store front area in the heart of the city. Through powerful preaching, art, music and commerce, we will boldly, unapologetically, with love and compassion, herald the good news of the Gospel. We will never stop seeking the Lord's initiatives through prayer and his word as he unfolds his perfect plan to us.