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Teacher’s Pay Teachers- Free Searchable Educational Printable for all grade levels and various activities


33 National Park Tours via Google Earth

50 Free Ebooks Downloads (Via Kindle) NOTE: We haven’t verified if every book is good or not, parents will have to make that choice on their own)

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Teaching Textbooks (Online Math Curriculum 3rd grade to Pre-calc) 15 lessons included in free trial

Brave Writer (Writing Curriculum)

Write a story
(or make one up as a family)
Each family member writes a line of a story and take turns going around until you finish the story. Finish by reading aloud!

Build a fort

Play Boards Games/Cards Games

Search Pinterest for Homemade craft or baking ideas!

Play charades!

Color or Paint while listening to music or an audiobook!

Memorize a scripture as a family- make it into a song to help you remember it! This is a great time to be purposeful as a family and remember that God is in control. Maybe start with 1 Thess. 5:16-18. What can we be grateful for today? What can we pray about today? These are tangible steps towards peace during this time.

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